Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So It Begins

I am starting this blog to organize and share my new found love for nails and nail art.  I never explored the world of nail art until a friend shared this wonderful site with me:  I was SO impressed and amazed with how people could create such detailed work on a nail.

My Nail Experience:
- Never have had a professional manicure 
- No nail art/technique training
- Limited set of colors and tools (acrylic paint and toothpicks for now)

Also, I like to play Tabla, which is an Indian drum, and because of how the left hand is used to play, I have to keep those nails shorter.  I am determined to succeed at both nails and tabla without letting either interfere with the other!  
Finally, the name of the blog - Tappin' Tips - comes from the balance I want to keep between these two hobbies because I love both! 

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